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Large Vegetable Cage Height 1.9m - Green Soft Butterfly Netting - Various Sizes

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Our walk in aluminium fruit and vegetable cages come complete with a door and everything you need to protect your crops. Standing at 1.9m (6ft 3in) these cages offer plenty of room to work under and walk in.

The framework of our walk in cages are connected by robust uv stabilised joiners making each structure strong and sturdy.

All cages include a door which can be fitted on any side of the cage.

Kits come complete with anchors for extra stability and for ease of erection. Kits with netting include ties, 's' hooks and steel pegs for securing the netting.

The exact external diameter of the tubing is 19mm.
The internal diameter is 17.2mm. The wall thickness is 0.9mm.

Netting Types:
Green Soft Butterfly - Green soft mesh (7m x 5mm mesh)

The roof on all our Walk In Cages is a separate piece enabling you to easily remove if snow is forecast.

If extremely heavy winds are expected it's advisable to dismantle the cage

Please note all cages come with a door

Assembly / Use Advice:
*Tools required: Wooden Mallet/Hammer & Piece of wood, Spirit Level, String, Scissors

Ensure the area where you are going to put the cage is flat and level. Mark out the 4 corners of the cage , ideally with string-lines. Taking this extra time at this point will save time with the cage erection.

Build the door: Put the 3 Hinges onto one of the 1.85m tubes Join the 2 x 750 & 1.85m tubes creating rectangle using the connectors Slide the hinges onto the 2.2m upright tube Push the Y connector into the top of the 2.2m tube Build the cage a section at a time. The 1st section must be the one where the door is going to be positioned. The door can be fitted anywhere on the cage but must be positioned so that the righthand side (if you are stood outside the cage) is next to an upright to enable the door catch to be fitted. Mallet the pointed anchor ground tubes into the ground, leaving inch still visible. If you do not have a mallet use a hammer and piece of wood. Put the joiners into the uprights (2.2m) poles as per diagram (diagram will be shown on instructions given) Slot the 2.2m uprights into the ground sockets ensuring that the poles are upright. Put the crossbars in section by section as per diagram checking with the spirit level that the poles are upright and level. Using the stiffer netting and starting at the upright with the door catch on: secure the netting with cable ties (4 per upright) and one every 1/2m along the top. Ensure that the netting is pulled taught between the poles. When you reach the door you can either run the netting over the door and secure or cut the netting and cover the door on its own. The softer netting needs to be pulled out and then laid over the top of the cage and secured with the S hooks linking through both nettings. Use steel pegs to pin down netting around the base of the cage.

Instructions and diagram will be sent with every cage.