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Bedmax Shavings Horse Bedding - 20kg

by Bedmax
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Bedmax Dust Free Pine Shavings are made exclusively from pine to provide horses & ponies with a purpose built bedding solution.


In separate surveys of bedding preferences in the UK carried out by Horse & Hound and the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA), more owners in both surveys chose BEDMAX shavings than any other brand of purpose-made bedding.

They are made at three dedicated BEDMAX production plants in the UK, from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry. BEDMAX shavings were developed to offer owners a natural bedding that would help address the issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses in stables.

Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and dust can impair or seriously damage your horse’s respiratory system. BEDMAX has one of the lowest levels of dust and spores on the market.

Your horse’s hooves need firm, resilient support. These larger flakes provide it. We also dry BEDMAX to a controlled moisture content to prevent hooves from drying out and cracking.

BEDMAX larger shavings help drain urine from the surface to be absorbed by smaller shavings at a lower level. This keeps the surface dry and reduces the risk ammonia poses to your horse’s lungs and hooves.

BEDMAX shavings help create a clean, supportive bed that encourages horses to lie down and rest, and cushions hocks and other joints from damage.

Horses in stables need to be able to lie down to achieve deep REM sleep. A comfortable, clean, natural bed enables horses to lie down and rest properly and safely.

Maintaining hygiene effectively is crucial and difficult. BEDMAX shavings are made from fresh pine because pine offers unique antibacterial action against harmful bacteria and fungi. We also dry our shavings at sterilising temperatures during production.


  • Natural bedding solution.
  • Suitable for both horses & ponies.
  • Dust Free to reduce respiratory issues in stabled horses.
  • From fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry.
  • The pine exerts natural oils and properties which help maintain hygiene.
  • Provides support for hooves
  • Manages moisture
  • Cushions hocks and joints
  • Improves rest
  • Maintains hygiene


How to Make an Ideal Bed

How many bags?

The average empty loose box or stable should require 4 – 6 bags of shavings to create the best depth of bed. Each18kg BEDMAX bag is pressure-packed and contains a consistent volume of shavings that will cover about 2 to 3 square metres.

Fluffing up

Use a shavings fork to loosen and aerate the packed shavings, and spread them evenly. (We recommend a Multi Mucka 10-tine fork for BEDMAX. The same fork will be ideal for mucking out with minimum waste.)


Create a level bed 6 – 8 inches deep covering the entire floor but leaving space at the doorway to minimise spillage. This is important both for your horse’s comfort and welfare, but also because a deeper bed manages moisture more efficiently and requires less replacement bedding.


Some owners like to bank shavings about 12 – 18 inches high around walls as a ‘reserve’ of clean, dry shavings. Heaping banks when mucking out will also prolong your bed life. Rubber matting is increasingly used as a substrate on stable floors.

Maintaining an Ideal Bed

  • Horses should be removed from their stable if possible while mucking out.
  • Droppings should be removed as soon as possible using a shavings fork.
  • Shake the fork gently to loosen any clean shavings back onto the surface and avoid waste.
  • Loosen the surface of the bed with the shavings fork after mucking out.
  • Every two or three days, heap loosened surface shavings into banks at the sides, remove any concentrated areas of wet shavings and pull banks back into the main area of the bed..
  • Add fresh shavings to maintain optimum depth. Most customers report using 1 – 1.5 bags a week, depending on your horse’s ‘housekeeping habits’.