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Stalosan F Disinfectant Powder - Various Sizes

by Vitfoss
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Stalosan F is an effective disinfectant powder uniquely designed to meet the hygiene needs of the modern poultry industry.

It kills a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and flies.

Stalosan F also plays an important role in your birds’ environment as a litter conditioner.

It is effective in improving air quality and neutralizing harmful substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.

Whatever your poultry operation, you can count on the safety of Stalosan F to keep your animal housing areas pathogen-free and your birds healthy. Stalosan powder gives you the convenience of easy application and the peace of mind knowing your birds are at minimal risk for common health compromises..

Stalosan F can be used in all kinds of poultry raised for meat, including broiler chickens, turkeys, and ducks. It effectively kills harmful pathogens, helping improve broiler performance and reducing the need for medication by as much as 40%, on average.

Stalosan F provides effective protection during the pullet phase, reducing both mortality and medication use. In nesting boxes, Stalosan F protects against pathogens that affect hatching eggs. It’s also an effective litter conditioner in free-range and floor management systems. And it provides pathogen control on egg transport lines.

In either floor or free-range management systems, Stalosan F works as an effective litter conditioner, killing harmful pathogens to protect your hens from infection and disease. In cage systems, Stalosan F kills disease-causing pathogens and protects against blood mites. And manure treatment with Stalosan F significantly decreases the fly population.

Game birds are also susceptible to many diseases, and Stalosan F effectively kills the pathogens that cause them. It can be applied in breeding pens, brooder housing, and night enclosures. It can also be used as a litter conditioner and applied to disinfect and dry problematic areas such as water troughs and feeders.