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Nutro Wild Frontier Loaf Lamb & Beef 20x 300g

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Nutro Wild Frontier 300g wet dog food is influenced by the natural nutrition of wolves. The recipe is based around the diet of your dog’s ancestors in the wild and is particularly rich in protein, as well as being free from grains and unnecessary additives. This allows you to offer your dog a high-quality food that provides all the essential energy and nutrients your dog’s system instinctively craves. Each of the 300g trays contains 90% animal ingredients, with the varieties containing poultry, lamb, beef and fish, as well as hearty stock. The three delicious pate flavours bring variety to your dog’s food bowl and make it the ideal juicy supplement for your dog’s dry food diet. Nutro Wild Frontier 300g has been made without any genetically-modified ingredients, maize, wheat, soya protein and dairy products. All ingredients come from specially regulated producers, with the production process undergoing strict quality controls. With Nutro Wild Frontier you can offer your dog a quality wet food, safe in the knowledge that it is easy to digest and suitable for allergy-sufferers. The gentle manufacturing process of all the ingredients guarantees unbeatable flavour and preserves natural nutrients. Valuable vitamins and minerals contribute to your dog’s overall wellbeing. Unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and zinc help to keep skin and coat healthy. This Nutro Wild Frontier 300g is the perfect food for your adult dog, offering balanced, premium nourishment that meets all natural nutritional needs.

Nutro Wild Frontier 300g at a glance:
High quality wet food for adult dogs over the age of 1 year
Grain-free: also suitable for dogs with allergies or dietary intolerances
Natural recipe: ingredients based on the wolf’s natural diet, as the natural wild ancestors of your dog
90% animal components: each variety contains poultry, beef, lamb or fish in hearty stock
With vitamins and minerals: promotes overall wellbeing
Healthy skin and glossy coat: thanks to a high content of unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and zinc
Free from: GMOs, maize, wheat, soya protein and dairy products
Limited ingredients list: each ingredients has a demonstrable nutritional benefit, with no unnecessary fillers
Gently prepared: to preserve natural nutrients and aromatic flavour
Juicy pate: a delicious, hearty composition that is well-accepted and the ideal addition to dry food
Quality controlled: specially checked suppliers and strictly controlled production to offer high safety
Practical 300g trays: for easy portioning and serving

Beef (35% including heart, ground boneless beef, lung), lamb (33% including ground boneless lamb, liver), concentrated beef stock (0.5% equivalent to 28% beef stock), dried sugar beet pulp, sunflower oil, minerals.