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Top Paddock Fertiliser for Equestrian Use - 20 kg

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Top Paddock Fertiliser has been proven to last longer than standard mineral fertilisers. and can save up to £300 a year of supplementary feed. Top Paddock the most complete natural fertiliser on the market for equine use.

Top Paddock is a unique nutritionally ‘complete’, organic based fertiliser specifically formulated for application on all horse and pony paddocks in a safe, naturally efficient and balanced manner.

Top Paddock contains Magnesium and Sodium which improves grass palatability and helps ensure more complete grazing of the paddocks.

Includes a well-researched organic base of vegetable origin, free from any weeds or pathogens, which is combined with carefully selected mineral raw materials.

The nutrients are released in a phased way, providing a natural supply of plant food in line with the pastures requirements and thereby assisting in protecting the horse and its environment.

In addition, the organic base contains highly beneficial humic substances best described as Nature’s Plant Vitamins.


  • Maximises feed value of grass
  • Contains calcium for healthy bones
  • Low nitrates avoid causes of Laminitis
  • Hooves and skin benefits from trace elements
  • Includes sulphur vital for hair cells, skin and hooves
  • Safe for both horse and its environment

Directions for Use


Top Paddock should be applied from early March and again later in the grazing season if required up to mid?September.

Ideally spread before rain is forecast, avoiding periods of excessive heat, dry or windy conditions.


Each 20kg bag of Top Paddock will cover 600 square metres (7 bags per acre).

To calculate the size of your paddock in square metres, multiply the length by width of the field.


Top Paddock can be spread by hand or by mechanical fertiliser spreader.

To spread Top Paddock by hand, divide your paddock into sections of 300 square metres.

Empty half-a-bag (10kg) into a bucket and cast out evenly over the marked section.


Divide your paddock into two, spread Top Paddock on one section while grazing the other.

Do not graze the treated section for at least 10 days or until you can’t see the fertiliser.

This section can now be safely grazed whilst the remaining section is treated.